ASDX Programme

Join the ASDX programme today and elevate your career in elite football leadership.

What you can expect from the ASDX Programme?

- Gain unparalleled insights into the demanding world of elite football leadership.

- Learn from the experiences of experienced sporting directors and football executives.

- Develop your strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

- Uncover the secrets to building successful football teams.

- Connect with a network of like-minded professionals who share your passion for the sport

The Programme:

Session 1: The Evolving Role of the Sporting Director [Jan]

This introductory session will delve into the dynamic evolution of the Sporting Director role, examining its foundations, encompassing responsibilities, value proposition within football operations, and the evolving challenges faced by Sporting Directors in today's competitive landscape.

Session 2: Decoding the Transfer Market [Feb]

This session will equip participants with practical insights into the intricacies of player trading during transfer windows. Experienced Sporting Directors will share their perspectives on the recent winter window, providing valuable insights into their approaches to both summer and winter windows, highlighting their differences and alignment with short-term and long-term strategic objectives.

Session 3: Navigating the Path to Becoming an Sporting Director [Mar]

This session will explore the diverse pathways into the Sporting Director role, analysing the required previous experiences, core competencies, and the support and education offered by ASD to guide Sporting Directors in their professional development. This interactive session will draw upon practical insights and industry perspectives from seasoned Sporting Directors and those working with owners/CEOs.

Session 4: Fostering Equality in Elite Football Leadership [Apr]

This session will delve into the critical issue of promoting equality and diversity within the leadership echelons of elite football. Renowned experts will discuss the industry's efforts to address this challenge, exploring the root causes, potential solutions, and initiatives that are making a positive impact.

Session 5: Mastering the Art of Multifaceted Communication [May]

This session will focus on the Sporting Directors role as a strategic communicator, navigating various channels and audiences within an organisation and multidisciplinary team. From effectively managing the boardroom to engaging with fans, this session will provide real-world experiences and insights from seasoned  Sporting Directors

Session 6: Translating Global Expertise Across Leagues and Cultures [Jun]

This session will explore the Sporting Directors experiences of operating within different leagues and across diverse cultures. Participants will gain valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by these diverse environments, delving into the strategiesSporting Directors employ to navigate cultural nuances and achieve success in these settings.

Session 7: Leading Change in a Dynamic Sporting Landscape [Jul]

This session will address the crucial role of Sporting Directors in driving transformative change within their organisations. Expert speakers will share their insights on identifying the need for change, managing multiple stakeholders, and overcoming the challenges Sporting Directors face when implementing change initiatives.

Session 8: Understanding the Art of Player Recruitment [Aug]

This session will unveil the intricacies of player recruitment, providing unique insights into the process from initial need identification to contract signing. Participants will gain an understanding of talent identification, matching strategies, key influencers, and the role of agents and managers in the recruitment process.

Session 9: Strategic Head Coach Recruitment: A Delicate Dance [Sep]

This session will shed light on the strategic process of head coach recruitment, delving into the identification, matching, and decision-making processes involved. Participants will gain insights into the role of key influencers, agents, and the Sporting Directors critical decision-making responsibilities.

Session 10: Harnessing AI for Enhanced Player Performance [Oct]

This session will explore ground-breaking AI systems that are revolutionising player performance management. Participants will gain insights into how AI is being utilised to optimise player load management, reduce injuries, and maximise player availability.

Session 11: Cultivating High-Performance Multifaceted Teams [Nov]

Teams are the cornerstone of success in sports. This session will delve into the Sporting Directors role in fostering high-performance teams, leveraging concepts like trust and effective communication to create cohesive and adaptable units.

Session 12: Nurturing World-Class Youth Development Systems [Dec]

This session will highlight the strategic importance of nurturing exceptional youth development systems. Renowned experts will share their insights into the impact of effective youth development structures, exploring how these systems often define the long-term success of clubs.

Purchase Options:

£30 per session (live or recorded) or £300 for all 12 (live and recorded)

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Introducing ASDX
Join the ASDX program today and elevate your career in elite football leadership.
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